When your client says they want “Over the Top Retro” you really need to be prepared. What if they mean “Over the Top” but not that “Over the Top”?

If you missed my very first post on this project – click here!

I’ve designed the second concept board to be a little more subdued than the first. Hippie, Hippie Spin is all about the optimism and carefree fun of the mid 1960’s.  It’s an idea guaranteed to have you singing and sudsing at your neighborhood Laundromat! I mean, who really likes doing laundry? Only someone perfect, probably.

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Dear Beyoncé,

I’m not entirely sure why you are still ignoring my letters, telephone calls, texts and tags? Maybe your PA has just failed to pass on my messages? All I want is to help you adjust to having a newborn in the house mansion again…and this time it’s twice the work nannies! As Hillary Clinton says, “it takes a village”.

I’ve done a little a lot of research on Baby Center as to what you could expect at this point in time:

Baby Development at 1 Month

  • Holding Head Up
  • Exploring Extremities
  • Learning to Self Soothe
  • May Gurgle, Grunt, Coo and Hum
  • Eyes Can Track Objects

“Beybies” Development at 1 Month

  • Holding Microphone Up
  • Exploring Monogram on Robe, Sequins on Bodysuits and Faux Fur on Knee High Boots
  • Learning to Apply Contouring Makeup to Self Soothe
  • Sings The National Anthem at NBA Games
  • Eyes Will Track Overly Aggressive Paparazzi in a Crowd

You don’t realize how embarrassing it was to shop at the party supply store, picking up decorations for this blog installment and have the retail associate ask:

“Oh! Twins!!! Whose expecting twins?!”

“Beyoncé. Beyoncé had twins. This is for her. And the Beybies.”

This is what I do. For you.

And I even created a special cocktail for you to celebrate with. And Jay Z. (Are you really sure you want to be with him? You are a strong, independent women. With Nannies.)

Beybie Mama Soother

Yours in Décor,


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Sometimes when I think about the Den, I find myself comparing it to the size of a jail cell. (I don’t know for sure. I’ve never been to jail.) (What kind of person do you think I am?!) (If you are reading this and you have been to jail – thank you for reading my blog.) (And congratulations on your reintegration into society!)

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